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Fort Wayne Concrete Services

a construction worker concreting the floor

For the best quality concreted areas for your home, Fort Wayne Concrete Services is here ready to create outstanding outdoor areas to maximize your enjoyment at home. We have built our company locally continuing to achieve the home improvement goals of our clients with a range of comprehensive concreting services, designed with function and style at heart.

We work determined to transform properties with fantastic home additions built with durable, long-lasting concrete, finished with stunning stamps, colors, and decorative designs. If you’re looking for the number one, most reputable concrete contractors, we are the team you can trust with your home.

About Us

If you’re looking for a long-lasting way to get the most use out of your outdoor area, the team at Fort Wayne Concrete Services has exactly what your home needs. We have built our reputation as the number one, most reliable concrete contractors eager to install stunning areas around the home using high-quality concrete. From concrete porches and patios, to pool decks and driveways there is nothing our licensed and insured contractors are unable to do to complete your home improvement projects. For the most experienced and skilled contractors ready to upgrade your home with outstanding concrete installation, repair, and removal services, our team will deliver you the results you’re looking for.

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    Our Services

    If you’re ready to get started on upgrading your home with fantastic concreted areas with the most hardworking concrete contractors in the area, Fort Wayne Concrete Services is here with all the skills and services you need under one roof. Our services include everything from planning a perfect concrete porch and patio, to a premium pool deck and driveway installation making us a smart choice to improve the quality of your home and lifestyle. We even offer clients services that are designed to repair any damage or completely demolish and remove concrete surfaces, with us we are committed to transforming your home as the number one most reliable concrete contractors in the Fort Wayne area.

    a side view of a swimming pool

    Stamped and Decorative Concrete Services

    When you select our professional concrete contractors for your outdoor upgrades, you’re not just guaranteed durable, long-lasting concrete work but rather you’re selecting a team able to create visually stunning concreted areas on your property. We offer clients a selection of finishes, from colored and ambient concretes, to stamps and decorative finishes perfect to express your unique style in all areas around your home. If you’re looking for a stamped driveway or decorative patio design we are the team ready to create a beautiful concrete space, perfect for your home.

    a clean and concrete yard

    Concrete Porches and Patios

    The addition of a porch or patio to your home is a fantastic way to extend the amount of useable space around your property while also installing an area perfect for social events and relaxation outside. If you’re looking for the best quality porches and patios, we are the team for you. Equipped with high-quality construction materials, we install porches and patios with attention to detail, planning the perfect addition to your landscape, guaranteed to look amazing and function just as you need.

    a full concrete house and pathways

    Concrete Driveways

    Your driveway is the one place at home that experiences high-impact daily use by supporting vehicles, daily passing foot traffic, and more. If you’re looking to install a solid foundation that is incredibly durable and long-lasting, our concrete driveway services are exactly what you need. With the added finishing touches of concrete stamps and designs, the work we do will not only last but will enhance the overall look of your home.

    “I knew my driveway had really suffered after the last big storm our area experienced but I really had no idea how fast the concrete would begin to sink. I reached out to Fort Wayne Concrete Services as I had heard they were the best in the business. Not only did this team analyze the condition of my driveway, letting me know where the damage had truly occurred but they were able to perform fantastic repair work quicker than I could’ve imagined. Thanks so much, team.” -Taylor J

    a house with complete clean garage

    “My concrete retaining wall had to go, it was a sight for sore eyes and I needed professional demolition work. Luckily, my neighbor recommended me concrete services from Fort Wayne Concrete Services. They were straight to my property armed with top-notch equipment and before I knew it they had taken down and removed, my retaining wall. I am more than satisfied with their work and recommend them to anyone that needs professional concrete services.” -Paul B

    a drilling truck removing the concrete

    “Buying my home was the most exciting purchase I’ve ever made, and recently I’ve been able to plan how I want my outdoor area to look. I knew I wanted a beautiful concrete sidewalk leading to a backyard patio. Fort Wayne Concrete Services was the most professional and hardworking team I’ve ever had the pleasure of hiring, their work looks beautiful and it’s exactly what I wanted. I’m so pleased with their excellent concrete services.” -Jenny M

    a top view of a pool deck

    Concrete Pool Decks

    Ensuring the area around your pool deck is structurally sound is a great way to protect all swimmers during the summer months. With our concrete pool deck services, we professionally plan and install premium pool decks that look great around your pool area, while remaining non-slip and functional for all visitors. Our work improves the quality of your swimming pool area while also looking visually pleasing with our additional custom concrete finishes.

    a swimming pool besides the green scenery

    Foundation Repair

    Cracks in your concrete floor or other foundation damage don’t only look unsightly but if left untreated can cause further, expensive damage to your home. Our team arrives on-site, fully prepared with a range of foundation restoration equipment as we perform customized repair work. No matter what damage you’re faced with, whether its’ foundation sinking, chips, or leaks, we have all the skills and repair services you need for a complete concrete foundation restoration.

    a huge concrete construction site

    Concrete Demolition
    and Removal

    If you’re in the midst of a total property transformation and are in need of a team to safely and efficiently remove your concreted areas, we are here to assist however you may need. We are the proud owners and operators of state of the art demolition equipment, ready to pull up your concrete surfaces to safely haul away all debris and rubble. Trust us to complete your home improvement projects with our fast and reliable concrete demolition and removal services.

    a manhole truck being in a construction site

    Contact Us Today

    Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home with beautiful concreted areas, or are in need of concrete repairs and removal services, Fort Wayne Concrete Services has everything you need for a total home transformation. Contact us today to find out more about our great range of services and be treated to the excellent customer service we are known for. Using the number listed on our website, we welcome you to reach out to us today with any questions regarding concrete installations, repairs, and our demolition services. From your first contact with our seasoned professionals, you’ll quickly recognize the true value of working with an experienced company, passionate about the work we do. Speak with us today and let’s get started on achieving your home improvement goals.